Error 1303, Fix error 1303 Windows 7

Error 1303 can occur on both installation and runtime instances. Whereas, most of you can face this error while installation process of Sony Vegas and/or Adobe products is being carried out. Some of you, however, can receive this error while opening PDF file with Adobe Reader.

There are number of queries regarding “How do I fix error 1303 Windows 7?” This solution is written to respond to these queries and provide step by step instructions to fix error 1303 for troubleshooting the system.

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Program Data Folder needs to have Full Security Permissions:

A folder in Windows disk drive named Program Data contains information regarding installed program/application’s and user settings, customized user preferences and so on. The major cause of 1303 is that Program Data folder does not have full security permissions. It stops the programs creating new files in it and modifying the existing files. You are required to allow full access to the Program Data folder to fix error code 1303 in Windows 7, Vista and/or XP. The step by step process is mentioned below:

Delete Obsolete and Junk Registry References:

Operating system and application data is saved in Windows Registry – it is central database which makes system to work smooth. A software utility Registry Cleaner is precisely designed to scan and delete junk and incorrect registry references to fix error 1303 Win 7. Thus, you are required to download a quality and reliable Registry Cleaner software utility and perform the registry clean-up procedure.

Switch users and log-in as System Administrator:

Usually users logged-on as guest or standard user and they try to perform administrator’s tasks. Keep in mind that administrator’s tasks need permissions which you do not have. This type of situation can only be resolved by switching the users and logging-in as system administrator. To log-in as system administrator you need to know the valid system administrator password.

Disable Firewall and Antivirus Protections:

Usually Firewall and Antivirus protection prevents the programs to do specific tasks and becomes a cause of Windows error 1303. Therefore, you need to disable Windows Firewall and Antivirus software to fix this problem. You can follow the steps mentioned below for disabling Firewall and Antivirus.

How to disable Windows Firewall?

How to disable Antivirus software?